This is an experimentation of presenting artworks in a new way. I used QR codes because I am interested in the relationships between technology and physicality. Initially, I felt QR codes contains the shape of a canvas and I wanted to create a Salon type of space. However, presenting QR codes on walls wasn’t uncommon and it didn’t satisfy my goal of experimentation. When I looked into Scott Blake’s bar code works and his critique on commercialism, I decided to draw them onto scraps of discarded wood pieces. The viewers were invited to scan the codes with their phone which restricted who can view the scanned work. For the viewers with their phone and scanner app; images of my abstract paintings were revealed to them. The paintings were inspired by game glitches as I was reading Works of Game. The title suggest that even though the presentation of my installation seemed incomplete, there were elements of control and design, e.g. the QR codes were placed conveniently for the viewers to see.