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Amy Guo_Free time tracked falsely as by forgetting to press pause_2019.jpg

Free time tracked falsely as by forgetting to press pause (2019)

Wall mural, matt and silk white emulsion, wall size: 244cm x 535cm, hand crafted book, calligraphy, book size: A4.

Technology replaces the act of waiting and lessens mind wandering. The mural exhibits failed measurement of Guo’s free time using a time tracking app, which marked failure as human quality. The white ink used for calligraphy in the book, is often applied to cover mistakes, the writings are Guo’s daydreams that ate impossible to represent, similar to time tracking.



Documentation No. ? (2019)

Video, 4 minutes 38 seconds.

Documentation No.? (2019) is a self-referential video documentation, which displays a voice-over recording and post-production process on Adobe video and audio editing software. The artwork reverses the idea of manufacturing technology in the likeness of human. Dialogues selected from the original video were recorded word by word, in a process similar to Siri. This resulted in the humorous removal of tonal and natural speech pattern that distinguishes human from automated technology.


Virtualised Human III

Virtualised Human III (2018)

Feedback loop video projection, iridescent sheet, metal.

Virtualised Human III places the viewer inside a projected feedback loop, which attempts to stimulate a daydreaming state. The feedback loop is generated by pointing a camera at a monitor. The visual is the result of my inability to hold the camera still, caused partly by my breathing. The imprecision could be seen as a human quality, as opposed to the seemly technical production method. Hence, something technical is created physically.  Camera guidelines became visuals of the projection, which were designed to be hidden from the finished work.



E-thereal (2018)

Projection, plant protection fleece

E-thereal aims to induce an immersive environment that shows digital technology is deeply embedded in our culture. Our body interacts with the physical objects and our mind follows the projected lights. The boundary between the body and the environment becomes blurry when the body absorbs the digital light. The thin material represents the ethereal quality of the internet and digital data; its translucency transcends into the hidden programming notion of the computer interface. Looking closely, the immersion revealed to be illusive as we realise we are only indulging in a different version of reality.

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